About us


Fundación Directa is a non-profit organisation founded in 1995, formed by a group of men and women with great commitment and experience in diverse social development fields.

Fundación Directa aims to disseminate public policies and social skills in order to promote gender equality, welfare and participation as change factors of the new context emphasized by economic globalisation, knowledge society and the increasing complexity of cultural identity.

Nowadays, Fundación Directa gives priority treatment to the following thematic fields: Information Society, Migrations and Development Cooperation. Gender is always the transversal axis.

Since its inception, the vocation of Fundación Directa has been to perform their jobs with high doses of qualityin terms of its internal management and the implementation of actions and programs to third parties (public and private entities, beneficiaries of the performances, etc.).From this perspective, we define the following terms of our Quality Policy.

Quality Policy