Hello Fabiola (2010-2015)


HELLO FABIOLA is a training program to learn how to use and take full advantage of the Information Technology and Communication (ICT) aimed at foreign women in Spain. It consists of a training process on-line, modular, tailored to the needs of each participant. 

HELLO FABIOLA is developed in the framework of a cooperation agreement with Fundación Orange.

Moreover, since 2012, the program receives funding from the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (www.msssi.gob.es) within the IRPF Call.

In 2015, HELLO FABIOLA has been approved and continues to operate, for this year are anticipated 10 editions.

 The course contents are available on a learning platform, accessible via the Internet.

 HELLO FABIOLA has two public objectives:

  • Organizations (public and private) who wish to use this resource within its services or programs to support immigrant women. We provide this resource organizations for the implementation of the program as a modality tutored.
  • Foreign women living in Spain, without knowledge or very basic knowledge of computer and internet, who can participate in the sessions tutored or take the course in their autouso mode.

Website: www.holafabiola.com

Access to the course: www.holafabiola.com / courses

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/programaholafabiola

Youtube Page: www.youtube.com/user/programaHOLAFABIOLA