Between Two Shores (2008-2013)


This Project is granted by the Ministry of Employment and Immigration and co-financed by the European Integration Found. It aims to promote equal treatment and no discrimination and to encourage the knowledge of the different cultures mixed in our country.

For that purpose, we try to create a reference web site for the promotion of intercultural coexistence by means of spreading our knowledge (studies, bulletins, workshops, courses and an online catalogue that includes a database of foreign artists working in any field related to art and culture…).

Between Two Shores received in 2014 the Good Practice and Experiences in Integration's Award  in the II Meeting of Good Practices  in Integration of the Identification, collection and visibility of good practices in integration's program,  organized by the Spanish League of Education and Popular Culture, and funded by the European Integration Fund and the Employment and Social Security Ministry. The work being carried out in the years of the project (2010-2012) and the scope of the project was awarded.

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