Exhibition: Spanish emigrants in America: Destination Cuba (2010)


Exhibition organized at the Grand Theater of Havana between February 24 and March 9, 2010. The exhibition was supported by the Grand Theatre and the Embassy of Spanish in Cuba. This was a project funded by the Directorate General of Spanish Citizens Abroad (Ministry of Employment and Immigration).

Under the name of "Spanish emigrants in America. We were the others too" the exhibition commemorates the Spanish track in Cuba during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, reminiscing immigrant past in our country. It is based on a similar exhibition held in Madrid a year earlier.

The content of the activity revolves around:

  • Exposure "Spanish emigrants in America. We were the others too".
  • Program activities, which include a tour of one of the routes of the Spanish presence in Cuba, musical performances and panel discussions.

Website: www.migraventura.net