Studies y publications

Memory bank of spanish emigrants in America (2005 – 2007)

Collection of studies, informative and didactic contents developed on the basis of analysis of secondary information and first source materials (life stories) related to the Spanish emigrants population in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

Women, the central character of latin-american immigration in spain. (2006).

This publication compiles presentations and materials from the thematic seminary carried out by Fundación Directa and Casa de America. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

Comparative studies of “immigration and cultural clusters” (2006).

Study that analysed the models implemented in different cities (Berlin, London, Marseille, Miami) to learn and to make action proposals. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

“Panorama” newsletter on immigration in the Madrid region (2005–2006).

This publication included the latest data, analysis and monographs on the subject. It was elaborated with the Tomillo – Economic Studies Centre.

Inmigrants on the heart of our families: couples, children and cares.

This publication was jointly developed in 2007 by Fundación Directa (FD) and Tomillo - Economic Studies Centre (Centro de Estudios Económicos Tomillo – CEET). The study tackles fundamental aspects of immigration to really find out how this phenomenon is caused, beyond data on their participation in labour market and the integration of men and women coming to the Madrid Region to live among and with us.

Information society and gender: a study of public politics.

This publication was accomplished in 2007 on the frame of the “e-equality” project. The study analyses the way politics on Information Society include gender perspective and the other way around: how politics on Equality include Information Society. The study starts from the European context and then it comes down to analyse the current public politics at a state and regional level. In addition, the present study has identified the more relevant public initiatives on the field of Information Society and equality.

Women and money: more for less (2008).

On October 2006 Fundación Directa and the Bussinesswomen Association of Seville jointly organized the seminar “Women and Money: more for less” on the frame of the “e-andaluzas” Equal initiative project. We have get used lately to the statistics showing the important wage discrimination of labour market that is about 30% in Spain, depending on the region. However, the confirmation of this reality does not necessary leads to the explanation of the possible causes.

New strategies on the field of technology, the company, and social action from the women point of view. (2008).

Publication fulfilled by Fundación Directa on the frame of the “e-andaluzas” project. Innovation involves a complex process of analysis, monitoring, synthesis and work, as the principal axis. Innovative people and companies address several resources to achieve objectives on their new designs, products, processes or services. The inclusion of the gender perspective on the field of technology, the company and the social action already involves an innovation factor.

Approximation- diagnostic about the profile, access, use, motivation facts and barriers for the use of the new information technologies on rural women

Publication accomplished in 2007 on the frame of the “Contigo SI: Rural Women on Information Society” project. The quantitative and qualitative study analyses the level, barriers, interest areas and motivation mechanisms of women from rural areas in what is related to access and use of New Technologies of information and Communication. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)