Migraventura Panamá (2013-2014)

 'Migraventuras de Hoy: Panamá' is a initiative funded by the Migration General Direction of Employment and Social Security's Ministry in the Projects and Research Program.&

Spanish immigrants in América. We were the others too (2009)


Project funded by the Directorate General of Spanish Citizens Abroad (Ministry of Employment and Immigration), which has also worked UNED.

Memory Bank (2006)

The creation of a “Memory Bank of Spanish Emigrants in Latin America” became a project itself although it was conceived within the frame of the “Madrid entre dos orillas” project. A fund that will try to continue its work and that contains the compilation of oral history, written texts, photographs and audiovisual pictures of our emigrants in seven Latin American countries.


Young Remigration: new realities, new opportunities (2008)


Project funded by the Directorate General of Immigration (Ministry of Employment and Immigration).

This is a study to generate knowledge about the reality of the young people returning to Spain from Latin American countries, suggesting lines of action to improve the situation and opportunities of these young people in Spain.


Immigrant Culture (2008-2009)


“Cultura Migrante” has been a project funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development (AECID).

The project has tried to make Spanish emigrant culture in America visible and, at the same time,  disclose and provide feed back on the new cultural heritage present in Spain, specially from a large majority of Latin American artists, showing the cultural richness of migrations between two shores.


Culture between Two Shores (2008)


Project funded by the Ministry of Culture.

This was an online exhibition, on the occasion of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, which shows the contribution of immigrants to the social, economic and cultural life of Spain. It was conceived as a small space for reflection on international migrations.

Informative Guide for Returned Youngs (2009)


Project funded by the Directorate General of Spanish Citizens Abroad (Ministry of Employment and Immigration).

The project involved the development of an information Guide for Spanish youth who decide to return to Spain from abroad.

The Guide provides: