What we do


The main work areas of Fundación Directa are:

  • Social and economic promotion of women, as well as co-responsibilities between men and women in all life spheres.
  • An Information Society for people.
  • Intercultural diversity and coexistence.

In the above mentioned areas, Fundación Directa:

  • Promotes and develops programs and projects.
  • Generates and exchanges the knowledge.
  • Elaborates methodologies, guidelines and publications.
  • Carries out informative, educational and communication activities.
  • Produces written, audiovisual and digital materials.
  • Constitutes networks and meeting spaces.
  • Collaborates actively with other entities seeking for common and innovating alternatives to new social challenges.

Since 1995, Fundación Directa has successfully carried out a considerable number of projects, publications and online material.