Fundación Directa Board


Mª Angeles Sallé Alonso. President

Mª Ángeles have both Spanish and Panamanian nationalities. She has a Degree in Politic Sciences and Sociology in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). She has a large background in the fields of employment, local development, migration and intercultural societies, always taking in count the gender perspective.
Nowadays she combines her position as Managing Partner of Enred Consultoría and the Presidency of the Fundación Directa. Her professional career includes the following positions: General Director of the “Salamanca Emprende” employment consortium; Promotion, Technical Assistance and European Politics Director in the Fundación para la Formación Continua; National Coordinator of the European initiative NOW and the European Network IRIS; Assistant to the Social Fields Ministry Cabinet. She also have coordinated publications, studies and investigations; being lecturer and professor in a lot of forums in Spain and other countries; and co-write the books ‘Travesías, Historias emigrantes de ayer y hoy’ (Metáfora Ediciones, 2003) and ‘La vi@ en rosa, Ciberconversaciones de mujeres’ (Autoedición, 2006).


Ángeles Van Den Eynde. 1st Vice President

She holds a BA in Psychology, Masters in Human Resources Management and she was a member of the Officer Corps and Senior Civil Service of the State (Spain).
She has more than twenty years of professional experience in the fields of educational, scientific and technology cooperation with Latin America. She was the CEO of OEI (Iberoamerican States Organization for Education, Science and Culture) and worked in the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

 Pilar Pérez-Fuentes Hernández. 2nd Vice President

PhD in Political and Social Sciences and Professor of Contemporary History in the Basque Country University (Universidad del País Vasco, UPV), in Spain.
She has published many investigations and articles about the women’s participation in the labour market, familiar economies, gender and wellbeing, citizenship and gender identities. 

 Carla de Valeria Chasco. Secretary

Carla has a Degree in Human Resources Management (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training of Lisbon, Portugal), and a Degree in Systems Development, Training and Employment (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training of Lisbon, Portugal). She specialized Post - Degree in New Technologies, in the field of Aquaculture (Consorzio per lo Sviluppo della Pesca e Acquacoltura – Tecnoittica, Italia) and Bachelor in Biological Sciences (Biology Faculty of Lisbon, Portugal).
She has also made many specialization courses and seminaries in: gender equality, reconciliation, management of European projects, labour organization and methods of training and regional development, among others.

 Ángel Sallé Alonso. Member of the Board

He holds Technical Industrial Engineering, specializing in Electricity, in the Catholic Institute of Industrial Arts of Madrid (ICAI). He made the arrangement course in the School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid (UPM). He holds Industrial Engineer, specializing in Industrial Organization, in the School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid (UPM). Nowadays he is de General Manager of Enred Consultoría, where he leads projects in several fields, many of them about equal opportunities between women and men. It highlights the coordination and imparting of the entrepreneurship training targeted at women entrepreneurs (Women Entrepreneurs Program of the Region of Murcia). 

 Itziar Elizondo Iriarte. Member of the Board

With a Degree in Journalism in the Basque Country University (Universidad del País Vasco, UPV), she had been working during seven years in Fundación Directa as Project Coordinator (2003-2010). In December of 2010 she became Member of the Board of the entity. She had been the Communication Chief of the Basque Women’s Institute (1995-1998) and Assistant in gender equality to the Presidency Office in the Delegation of Cordoba (Andalusia, Spain) (1998-2003). She is member founder of the website (1999). As journalist, she had collaborated in several media of Andalusia (Diario Córdoba, Cadena Ser) and of the Basque Country (Gaceta del Norte, Navarra Hoy, Noticias de Gipuzkoa). She is co-author of the book “El burka como excusa”, with Wassyla Tamzali (Ed. Saga, 2010). 


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