HELLO FABIOLA participation guide for students. How do the course

Edited under the call of 2011, this guide aims to explain immigrant women, who will run the program HELLO FABIOLA, the operation thereof, its objectives, as well as how to access and use the training platform. This is a resource designed especially for training users autouso mode.(Open Pdf)

HELLO FABIOLA Guide: Getting started with computer and Internet

Support material belonging to HELLO FABIOLA Program which collected the keys to take the first steps with computers and Internet: mouse, keyboard, software, windows, Internet, email, etc (Open Pdf)

Career development guide (cd, 1999, 2001, 2003).

Interactive guide to promote business among women and to advice on the professional female career development. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

A guide of e-competences for the employment in the xxi century: (e-plan joven, 2003).

Contains some key concepts, among others, to strengthen personal security, leadership, work in group, entrepreneur capacity and internet information search. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

Small guide for personal and professional development skills.

The guide was accomplished in 2004 by Fundación Directa, on the frame of the “Andalucía en e-igualdad” project. The objective was to favour the acquisition and strengthening of social and personal skills and it was addressed to female university students. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

A guide to equality in the strait of gibraltar (2005).

The guide of resources for businesswoman and professionals from the two shores of the Strait of Gibraltar. (Open the pdf file. Language: Spanish)

Immigration and mass media in spain

This study was accomplished in 2007 by Fundación Chandra and Fundación Directa. It is a practical handbook conceived as a guideline for the treatment of the migratory phenomenon by mass media in our country. The objective is to promote a change in the journalists’ perception of immigration and to imply a change in the social perception regarding the intense and continue arrival of immigrants to Spain. (Open the pdf file.