e-andaluzas in the Network Society (2005-2007)


Project funded by the EQUAL Initiative of the European Social Fund.

The project aimed to promote gender equality in the Information Society, across four lines of action: knowledge, training, awareness and promotion of networks.

Fundación Directa was the general coordinator of the project, in which were also involved: the Andalusian Employment Service, the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, the University of Sevilla, the Sevilla Entrepreneurs Association and the Association of Psychology in Andalusia West.

The project was divided into three segments:

  • Barometer e-equal, studies and meetings among experts about gender segregation in the labor market, women's access to positions of responsibility, the gender pay gap, equality in the Information Society and women's networks.
  • E-schools change. Online school for management of change in which more than 1,000 people of various profiles: university and college, teachers, women entrepreneurs, professionals and local government of Andalusia.
  • Voices in female, line of the project with all communication activities.