e-Equality Center (2008-2010)


This project was carried out within the framework of the “Plan Avanza” (Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade) which tries to promote women’s use of Information Society as a tool to reach effective equality. Its second objective is that Information Society includes gender perspective on its contents, products and services avoiding the society sexists’ structures and providing women their corresponding role.

Fundación Directa
was the lead organitation of the project, which developed with the University Complutense of Madrid and the e-mujeres association.

Under the project developed three types of actions:

  • KNOWLEDGE. Integrated analysis of the situation of equality in the information society, the definition of a System of Indicators for Gender and ICT policy analysis of the Information Society from the point of view of the incorporation of the principle of equality.
  • PROJECTS. Advice and materials eleboración mainstreaming gender in ICT activities aimed at organizations working in this field.
  • DIFFUSION. Portal e-equality and awareness campaigns on-line.