Socioeconomic Development

Canal de Empresarias (2015-2016)

 The Businesswomen's Duct: promoting an ecosystem up friendly and female entrepreneurship in Panama, is conducted through Knowledge's City. This project aims to implement an innovative model to promote the cration and growth of business led by women and contribute to the development of favorable ecosystem. 

Project with Rede de Mulher (Women Education Networks) of Brazil (1996/1997)


Sponsored by the Women's Institute, the project aimed to train 50 women leaders of women's organizations in education, to work on gender relations within the public sector and non-governmental social purposes, assuring technical inputs to act and influence economic scenarios, political and social.

This project appeared in eleven states of Brazil.

Kairós I (1996-1998)

Project made in partnership with the FORCEM Foundation.

It consisted of three activities:  the development of a media kit to support the implementation of equality policies in companies; a research on women's participation in the ICT sectors; the design of an evaluation methodology in these areas.

Women’s Employability. (2001)


Women’s Employability. Technical Assistance for Women’s Employability Guidance Services.