Step by step methodology to strengthen the leadership and the women inheritance oportunities of family smes (2003 – 2004).

Developed and applied successfully within the framework of “Andalusia en e-igualdad” project.

Workshops – forums “migration as school of life” and workshops on personal experience writing skills (2006–2007)

Participative methodologies to elaborate, to share and to learn about the migratory experience using culture languages as exchange and communication support. In collaboration with Casa de América. .

Online catalogue of immigrant artists (2006–2007).

This interactive tool allows grouping and giving visibility to more than 120 artists from different culture fields. In collaboration with the Tomillo – Economic Studies Centre.

Entrepreneurial breeding ground for artists “ madrid entre dos orillas” (2006 – 2007).

Educational course and technical assistance to creation of viable businesses run by immigrant artists. In collaboration with Tomillo Foundation.

Ethnic minorities in labour market: equal initiative good practices in five european countries. (2007)

Joint publication of the European Network of Ethnic Diversity in Employment (ENEDE), on the frame of the “Madrid entre dos orillas” project. The main objective of the publication is to focus the attention on the current situation of ethnic minorities on European Union and to provide evidences of the main subjects European legislators, governments and employers are leading with. We have tried to explain benefits of the ethnic minorities’ inclusion on labour market on every country of the European Union.

Intensions letter of pariteia project. January 2007.

Fundación Directa has participated within the framework of PARITEIA Project in the elaboration of Charter of Intents for Equal Citizenship. The Charter has two parts: the first one which is common to all countries participating in the PARITEIA project, and the second part is based on the general section of the Charter which had been worked out in details during the local workshops according to the particularities of each country or region.